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Which SADDLE base is right?


All base options are built upon similar underlying structural features.  However, each option has some unique characteristics that can improve the fit for your horse, and connection between horse and rider. 


Base options

Most Structured -- GHOST >> SEMIFLEXX >> FLEXX >> CAVALLIN -- Most Flexible

  • Ghost, SemiFlexx and Flexx are similar in looks

  • Lateral and longitudinal flexibility varies along the base body depending on base option

  • Ghost Panels used on the Ghost, SemiFlexx and Flexx

  • Weight distribution, shock absorption and spinal clearance achieved with all bases

  • Standard/narrow or Wide flare options for the Ghost, SemiFlexx and Flexx

  • Comes with or without pommel arch for the Ghost, SemiFlexx and Flexx

  • Works with any Ghost Saddle Seat

Determining which base option is most suitable for your horse, please consult with your dealer.

Traditional Ghost Base

Coming in either Standard/narrow or wide, this base provides the most flexible structure. 

SemiFlexx Base

This base is slightly more flexible than the Traditional Ghost Base, but provides more structure compared to the Flexx.  This base is available in either standard/narrow or wide.

Flexx Base

The most flexible saddle base, this base utilises many of the flexible features of the Cavallin BBP base, while maintaining superior weight distribution, shock absorption and spinal clearance through the use of the panels and a modified base body.

Cavallin Bareback Pad Base

Also considered the close contact base, this base doesn't use the Ghost panels, but a saddle pad which attaches to the base containing thin inserts suitable for light ridden work. 

More about the

cavallin BBP Base

  • This base is different than the bases used as saddles, as the Cavallin BBP base doesn't use panels, but instead uses a saddle pad that attaches to the base which contains thin inserts to provide spinal clearance, weight distribution and shock absorption suitable for light ridden work with minimal stirrup use.
  • Stirrup leathers attach via the broad Velcro stirrup hanger. 
  • The Cavallin BBP base provides a fixed, integrated cantle in the base, which provides extra support to the rider. 
  • Girth rigging can come fixed (like in the example below), or can be made to accomodate the interchangeable girth rigging. 
  • Works with any Cavallin BBP Seat

Cavallin BBP Base with Saddle Pad

Underneath of Cavallin BBP

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